My practice is very diverse; over the last few years I have worked with video, sculpture / installation, textiles, performance, and site based interventions. Thematically I have explored a variety of issues including contemporary notions of nationhood, the contrast between the known exterior and unknown interior of our bodies, the nature of 'drawing', and the question of whether hair cutting is liberation or mutilation.

My process often (but not always) starts with a verbal idea or question, but I aim to produce work using a symbiotic process in which the ideas combine with and inform the visual aesthetic and impact of the work and vice versa. The common elements of my work are experimentation with materials and physical components, and an interest in exploring and questioning my world. A common thread linking much of my work is an exploration of the lack of purpose and logic in many aspects of life, and what seems to be a human need to try to gain some control by imposing order by various means (including art - representation as a means of control).

I am interested in:

  • seeing the beauty in small things
  • how to be happy
  • experience and history
  • how to be good
  • always learning
  • communication
  • being and feeling
  • imposition of order
  • categorisation
  • information (overload)

Most recently my work has been centred around televisions, both physically (as a material used in my work) and culturally (exploring notions of control, 1st hand vs 2nd hand experiences, and the sinister in TV). I have been experimenting with creating pictures on a TV screen by using physical components within the box rather than transmitted video. I'm at the early stages of experimenting with attaching physical objects to the screen to extend the picture beyond the plane of the TV's face.