Bird House Estate Project, Atherton Aug 14 - Arts for Nature Festival

This project relates to a proposal to develop on much valued green space in Atherton, Lancashire. The land in question is owned by a wealthy absentee landlord, and this got me thinking about the ownership and usage of land. Why should one person have the right to own land which they don't use? In fact, the main users of the land are the birds and other wildlife who find their food and shelter there, so I decided to make a protest on behalf of the birds who will be evicted if the building plans go ahead. I have built a Bird House Estate which has been erected in the trees around the threatened area. At the Arts for Nature festival, local people customised the bird houses before I put them up. I hope that when people are walking on the land, they will find 'their' bird boxes, and look out for birds nesting in them. Unlike human houses, the bird houses will be sympathetic to their environment, and bio-degradable when they come to the end of their useful life.