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I am interested in our obsession with capturing a real or actual experience, and converting it into a format which can be stored inside a box and accessed at will. Arguably the technology literate in society now spend more of their time having experiences which are mediated through technology than having direct and personal 'first life' experiences.  I have reused a piece of now obsolete technology to house a sculpture which is a response to ideas about reality versus reproduction.  In the translation from the actual to the duplicate, the sense of spontaneity is often lost; the reproduction controls and limits random elements of risk and uncertainty.  The movement of the Shadow Box sculpture attempts to retain this element of randomness although, of course, its struggles are still contained physically within the box; it is impossible to capture reality without restricting its expression.

The flickering image on the television is reminiscent of an old film projection, however, our usual experience of viewing an image on screen is subverted as we are seeing what is physically there, rather than the reproduction of something which actually occurred at a different place or time.