Nation was a series of flags which were shown at various city centre locations during the Free For Arts Festival 2009

The flag is uncomplicated - simple childish shapes and primary colours, representing a simplistic picture of a nation. It is losing its relevance; today there is more complexity racially, culturally, globally, economically. One flag can't fit all in our contemporary society. Our collective identity is a complex web of various disparate elements:

racial origins
cultural origins
factions based on our interests
regional identity

How can we represent these multiple strands of our identities?  Our national history is complex - a nation comprised of both invaders and invaded.  A nation built on wealth taken from the Empire. A nation owned by the rich at the expense of the poor.  The flag proclaimed ownership by the few of land, physical resources and labour - a tool to give the masses a symbol of allegiance; to show the illiterate who to follow.  The flag is a tool of control.